Soft Tissue Surgery

Our surgical expertise, experience and know-how extend beyond orthopedics. We are also proficient with surgery to deploy medical devices in soft tissue or implant catheters for sampling or site specific dosing for custom PK studies. We perform hundreds of thrombogenicity studies (ISO  10993-4) in addition to carotid interposition grafting and carotid patch angioplasty procedures. Our expertise Includes:

  • Intestinal Anastomosis and Wound Healing
  • Solid Organ Hemostasis Product Emulation
  • Soft Tissue Laser Coagulation Studies
  • Full and Partial-Skin Thickness Wound Healing Studies
  • Urethral Cannulation in Swine with Degradation Kinetics and Encrustation
  • Carotid Interposition Grafting
  • Intestinal Catheter Placement for Site Specific Dosing and PK
  • Chronic Portal Vein Cannulation for First Pass PK
  • Chronic Indwelling Bile Duct Catheterization
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